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What wine blogs and books do I read?

Posted in Recommendations
by Tammi Ramsey

Good Morning!

I love to read, I am a avid reader. I am not sure I absorb everything I read but I read constantly. I am hooked on wine books, magazines and business books or biographies of business people and politicians. I am a news junkie and I can sometimes make myself crazy with information. Last year I had 4 wine mag subscriptions and read 64 books on wine or wine business related books.

I also watch a couple of wine video blogs weekly too. I know you have other interests as do I but I focus on where I want my life to go and that is in the wine industry. I’d like to be a Sommelier but I think my time is better spent focusing on grape production, terrior, winery management and biology of grapes in general.

Here is a list of the books I really gained a ton of knowledge from:

1. The Wine Lover’s Companion…the glossary of terms and how to pronounce terms.

2. Wine for Dummies, if you want to understand the process of making wine, this is a great go to guide!

3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Winery, great book to lay out your plan on why you want to start the business and the business plan to actually make it work. It helped me develop the financial plan to make put it all together.

4. The Wine Bible, Great overall book about wine regions, grapes and overall answers.

5. Wine for Women, Written so simply and direct.I have given this book as a gift many times. How to pair, when to drink what, Leslie Sbrocco uses fashion terms that are easy to relate with.

6. Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine, If you want to expand your palette, this is an easy read and buyers guide to getting new wines and what to expect them to taste like and how to pair them.

7. The Finest Wines of Champange, Well written and quite techincal, very specific information and the second half of the book discusses producers and regions. Packed full of information about bubbles. only draw back for me was the text was very small, so I would have liked bigger text.

Blogs I love

Video blogs:

Gary Vaynerchuk Wine Library TV…This guy is like someone’s spaz little brother, who is brilliant and uses very real terms to describe wine.

Mark Fusco www.1337wine.com very smart guy!

I read these blogs most everyday:


I know there are 1000’s of folks writing blogs and millions on twitter. I love reading new things and just listening to their stories and experiences and getting to “KNOW” what they are all about.

I hope you will do the same!

Much LOVE and wine!

Cheers, Tammi

My Patio wine being enjoyed!

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