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We stain wine barrels!

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by Tammi Ramsey

Good Morning!

This might be something you don’t think about unless you are at a winery and you see the barrels of reds sometimes have a “red stripe” and most people assume the stripe is there for wines being spilled…sometimes you might be right, but we do it with intention. Here’s a video showing you a little more about staining wine barrels!

Much LOVE and wine,

2 Responses to "We stain wine barrels!"

  1. Vitor Guimarais:

    Hi! I’ve been looking for a way to stain my barrels, but I was afraid using only wine would promote microbial growth on the outside.
    Could you tell me your recipe please?
    Thank you!

    • Vitor, Sorry it has taken me awhile to respond, I have been on vacation and just got your message!. I was really concerned about creating bacteria or something funky happening in the cellar as well. After discussing what could happen when staining the barrels with wine, we made the decision to go for it. We mix a small amount of the wine left in the bottom of the tanks and mix in a small amount of wood stain to seal up the part of the barrel that will be stained. We have had no issues with the wine, TCA, or any other issues.

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