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Is Bigger Better? Hot, Young, Shirtless, College Guys…what wine are we talking about?

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by Tammi Ramsey

Good Morning!

Yesterday, after 6 plus years of happiness (at least for me), my 12 bottle wine cooler just gave out. I loved that little guy. He moved from Indianapolis to San Francisco with me, then he has spent the last 2 years in our place we have in San Antonio. He was awesome! He was small and did not take up too much room. He kept white wines at the perfect temp and he would gladly take a red and put it at the right temp in just a few hours.

This little cooler was a gift from my best friend Cubby when I was moving to San Francisco. I love any gift she gives me, she is the person who gave me my first home winemaking kit as well. Her gifts seem to help me find my purpose and allow her to drink for free….hmmmmm.

Anyway, I am on the hunt for a new wine cooler. First thing I want to keep in mind is next year we are building a new home and I want a super deluxe wine cellar in the house, so I don’t want to get too crazy when looking for this one, but I would like a cooler that can hold more bottles and not take up tons of space because this wine cooler will eventually end up inside my pantry in the new house.

Well, when my buddies from Facebook heard of the tragety of the cooler’s passing, everyone had ideas of which brand, size, compressor or thermo something, blah, blah, blah….my friend Matt Delaney sent me a link to www.whichwinecooler.com This was awesome, I could read about each cooler, ask some questions, look at pricing and shipping etc. Perfect! The last thing I want to deal with is buying something I need a truck and 2 shirtless, hot, college boys carrying my new baby into my place. (how did the college boys get shirtless)

So I have decided to go with the 47 bottle touch screen wine cooler and it is stainless steel, so the house will look even more modern and I might sit my 1980’s lava lamp on top for some cool psychedelic fun after a few bottles of bubbly!

All kidding aside my reason for wanting a wine cooler is I want my whites not too cold and I can not stand having all the bottles in the refrigerator, that’s where the beer goes! My grieving process for the little cooler will end soon but I will never forget all the beautifully chilled bottles of wine and hours of entertainment the little guy gave me!

Much LOVE and wine,


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